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Climbing corporate team building events whether indoor or outdoor, are thrilling and stimulating activities that are both physically active and mentally challenging. By its nature, climbing demands high levels of trust and cooperation from participants, which builds a strong bond of confidence and team spirit.

Strong communication skills are required from all involved in order to develop trust and reliance on team members, and to offer support and advice to the individual climbing. It is an opportunity to see others in a completely new situation, which requires mental concentration as well as physical action.

Climbing builds and develops trust and cooperation within the group, in a demanding but enjoyable environment. Skills developed during the session, such as teamwork and communication can be easily transferred into the workplace, improving productivity and the work environment for all.

There are routes available for all levels of fitness and skill, from the sedentary novice, to the experienced athlete. Climbing provides tangible goals and challenges for participants, regardless of their physical ability.

Corporate events can be arranged through our Centre Manager to fit your needs, for a range of group sizes. The session will be run by one of our experienced instructors, all of whom are keen climbers with a vast collective knowledge and understanding of technical skills.

At your initial enquiry we can discuss your specific requirements and establish how best to fit activities into this framework. All safety equipment will be provided for all participants for the duration of the session.

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Kirklees Active Leisure handle all the bookings for Huddersfield Climbing Centre via the Leisure Centre booking office, who can be contacted on

01484 766269